Our Story

        HHS was founded by the combined forces of four best friends who seized a rare opportunity to make the world a happier healthier place with Hemp. Our team may be small, but we each bring strong perspectives to the table; Andrew in IT, website design, and sciences, Kevin in social media marketing, advertising, and product design, Julie in art, sales, and management, and Bill in sales, eccentric ideas, and creative writing. 

        In October of 2017, Kevin was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, a type of pain disorder. Searching for alternative methods of treatment, he discovered Hemp-derived CBD. It provided him with, in his words, “miracle-levels of relief.” Kevin’s discovery of CBD soon merged with his love of content creation and social media marketing which lead to creating an Instagram advocacy page called CBD & Me. He dedicated himself to connecting other chronic illness warriors with reputable CBD brands. Kevin shortly became aware that many brands lacked transparency and took advantage of new market consumers. He felt the need to make a better example for the community. As an openly gay man, Kevin envisioned a CBD-infused product that could help gay men enjoy intercourse without the use of poppers; chemical-inhalants used by men to “loosen up” let’s say. But, Kevin needed help bringing his vision to life so he pitched the idea to his three best friends, they loved it, and so the business was born. Our name? Happy Hemp Solutions. Our flagship product? Happy Holes.

        We utilized our collective skills to help the business grow from just an idea to everything you see now. Developing our flagship product Happy Holes took months of trial and error and countless revisions to make it right. After finalizing our formula we conducted extensive “field testing” and also gave out samples to close friends that wanted a trial run. The responses were astounding. It’s then that we knew we had something truly special.

        With each challenge we’ve faced creating Happy Holes and Happy Hemp Solutions, we’ve grown stronger as a company, and as friends. It is our mission to not only be transparent and develop new products that benefit our communities, but to create a space for everyone to be happy, healthy, and accepted for who they are. Thank you for hearing our story and all that’s left to say is…